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2月 13, 2017

瓦里安 Eclipse™ 治疗计划软件已经连续第四年被 KLAS - 一家专门监控和报告医疗供应商性能的独立研究公司的 “KLAS 最佳:软件和服务报告”评选为肿瘤治疗计划的“行业先锋”。

2月 9, 2017


12月 3, 2016


Feb 28, 2017Spot ON
Today there are 60 operating proton centers around the world, but that number will more than double by 2021. As the number of proton centers grow, so do the number of interest stories about patients that have received this cancer fighting therapy. This week on Emmerdale, a popular soap opera in the UK, a similar storyline is playing out on TV.
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Feb 14, 2017Spot ON
Recent advancements in radiobiology research have revealed new opportunities for Proton Therapy. The application of radiobiology should allow us to further improve the therapeutic index for patients with cancer by maximising effectiveness of proton therapy whilst minimising side effects to normal tissues.
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Jan 24, 2017Spot ON
Healthcare organizations fight every day to save their patients’ lives. Protecting patient information is a different kind of fight. At Varian, we're working to develop software solutions that help make this data more secure so healthcare organizations can continue to focus on fighting cancer.
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